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dreary - 96%

ironasinmaiden, January 30th, 2003

Hypocrisy hinted at a melodic makeover with the Fourth Dimension... on Abducted they fire on all cylinders. From the first notes of Roswell 47 (DUNDUNDUNDUN) to Slippin Away's orgasmic outro, there is hardly a note of filler here, and I consider it classic. Keyboards rarely work in metal, but somehow Mr. Tatgren finds away, and the keys on Abducted add a perfect amount of atmosphere. Hypocrisy are often overlooked for their contribution to metal.... a shame since they were a unique and everchanging band that came up with awesome albums.

Abducted begins with Roswell 47 and Killing Art... two back to back classics that sound nothing alike. There is considerably less death metal on Abducted... alot of the songs are mid paced and melodic with a lot of guitar harmonies. This is not a bad thing at all, mind you. Only Killing Art and the title track (maybe Carved Up) capture Penetralia's raw intensity.

Judging from his lyrics, Tatgren had an alien encounter or something, and it changed his outlook on life and music. I guess that explains the introspective direction? Lay off the weed, Pete. Closing tracks Drained and Slippin' Away are pretty bizarre.. they're like power ballads. I dig them, and I dig the fact Hypocrisy decided to tack them on the end where they belong.

Abducted is an excellent, moody album.... Even though I broke up with Hypcorisy after Catchy twenty gay, I still listen to their old shit all the time. Along with Fourth Dimension and Into the Abyss, Abducted is among Sweden's finest albums, and a hallmark in melodic death metal