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Their True Masterpiece. - 97%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 16th, 2007

I’m not a big Hypocrisy fan but I have to admit that their early works are very good and I consider this album the best in their career. This one is in my opinion the Hypocrisy’s zenith, the turning point. In this album come all the influences of the early works, typically death metal and the sound of progression begun with the good “The Fourth Dimension”. With that album they were a bit more technical, intelligent and mature but always very influenced by the early death metal.

The first song is a good example of what I said. “Roswell 47” is a typical new Hypocrisy era song, quite slow and heavy as fuck. The guitar melodies are always very dark but with second song, “Killing Art” the band begins to go faster, showing the most brutal death roots. Great song with some blast beats that sound martial and truly brutal. The lyrics are usually based on the aliens stories and their coming.

“The Arrival Of The Demons” song is again slow with some clean voices chorus in the refrain and the melodic guitar lines are very good. Basically in this album there is always a more brutal song alternated to another one slower and more melodic that shows their progression. “Buried” is incredibly heavy and obscure with Peter’s screams so well done and scary. The music is perfect to describe the arrival of aliens or to describe stories and strange places where you can find them.

“Abducted” song is truly death metal, with the up tempo mixed with some more mid paced ones. The new way of playing music for Hypocrisy can be found in “When The Candle Fades” or in “Slippin’ Away” songs. This one is a ballad! New and really strange for a group that evolved so fast in few years. Generally all the songs here are very good and the group sounds very competent and strong.
In this masterpiece you can find really everything, from melodies to brutality, speed and progression. Simply great.

The following Hypocrisy's albums are very good too but with this one they achieved the goal of recording their very first and, in my opinion, only masterpiece. This is a great album, less known I think than the new ones but very very good. Buy it.