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Spooky Tagtren - 95%

AsPredatorToPrey, November 20th, 2007

If fans of The X-Files are still searching for the truth, then it would be wise for them to listen to this CD.

Abducted is the album where Hypocrisy came into their own and began to be acknowledged as a unique creative force in metal. The harsh melodic bloodletting of their death metal beginnings collides with the psychedelic swirls of their more melancholy tendencies to create something engaging and unapologetic in its brutality. The music makes an impact with each track and creates a cold, sterile, gothic atmosphere similar to that of the film Alien, of which I'd wager that mainman Peter Tagtren is a devoted fan.

"Roswell 47" may as well be Hypocrisy's theme song. The extraterrestrial-themed lyrics, crushing chords, and bizarre melodies come together to create a song that is as bleak as it is catchy. This is a perfect example of what this band do best. "Killing Art" begins with a chaotic thrash tempo then slams your head to the ground with a brutal deathriff when the verse starts before blasting off once again. There are several great riffs in this track and they're arranged in such a seamless way, with smooth transitions thanks to the underappreciated talents of drummer Lars Szoke, that you can just lose yourself and headbang until the pain becomes you. "Buried" is a rocking song that recalls the melodic brilliance that nearly every Swedish death metal band of the mid-90s possessed before they began dabbling in pop music and opting for a sound more accessible to the mainstream.

The production on Abducted is clear, sharp and bristling with metallic fury. The diverse vocal styles utilized by Peter Tagtren come across well in every song. Each instrument is audible and mixed in a way that accentuates the mind-contorting mania that is Hypocrisy. Given the extraterrestial paranoia of the lyrics, these songs can be interpreted in a number of ways. Are the aliens the real demons? Are they the ones driving the main character to murder and rape? Or is it a form of psychosis that dissociates him from his actions; aliens made me do it?

Abducted could shift your entire reality.