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Just like they used to be - 85%

gk, December 11th, 2009

I haven’t heard a Hypocrisy album since 1999s self titled release. I liked that album a fair bit but for whatever reason, lost all touch with the bands subsequent albums. I heard vague rumblings about having gone nu-metal and Slipknot inspired somewhere along the way but was happy enough with the IVth Dimension and Abducted to really bother checking out the band’s current stuff.

So anyway, Hypocrisy’s latest album A Taste of Extreme Divinity sees the band carrying on like its business as usual. I’m not really sure what the years that I missed out on led to for this band, but the new album sounds pretty much like the logical follow up to the self titled album. It’s Swedish, heavy as fuck, melodic without breaking into any Gothenburg clichés and above all, when the mid paced death metal happens, it sounds just like Hypocrisy used to.

Stand out tracks include album opener Valley of the Damned which charges out of the speakers like it has a point to prove and comes with some very cool riffs while Solar Empire moves between mid paced and heavy to fast paced and heavy while always being catchy and some great vocals from Tagtren. Weed out the Weak is more super fast vintage Swedish death metal and sounds like a faster Desultory. Tamed – Filled with Fear is another terrific song coming in at the end of the album with its catchy as fuck groove, melody and a chaotic almost black metal like section. Taste the Extreme Divinity is more death metal that works really well and something Hypocrisy used to do superbly in the old days with the mixing and matching of mid paced tempos with all out blast.

The band sounds great on this album. There is no changing with time like In Flames, or a redundant formula like Dark Tranquility. Right from the opening riff of Valley of the Damned, you know this is Hypocrisy and they aren’t really doing anything new here but man, they’re doing it well. I’m quite happy I checked this album out and for long time fans or newcomers to the band; A Taste of Extreme Divinity should be well worth your time.

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