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Freaky Pete, back in business - 80%

doomknocker, April 2nd, 2010

Anyone who’s anyone should be quite aware of the wacky, strange road HYPOCRISY’s undergone since their inception. From half-way decent REAL death metal with Satanic undertones to the patron saints of the melodic Swedish sense with an obsession with aliens, Freaky Pete and company are anything if not glib. And while these few twists and turns have been abound to turn heads time and again (“Catch-22” being the biggest example), these Abyss Studio troublemakers continue to plug along with seemingly no other reason than self-gratification.

Which brings us to this new recorded work.

For better or worse, HYPOCRISY still has the tenacity to couple brutal heaviness and harmonious leanings in that trademarked Swedish fashion that’s been their bread and butter during their post-Magus Caligula years. Such is the case for “A Taste of Extreme Divinity”, taking in the elements that made the Tagtgren-led albums as entertaining as they were, where the dark and atmospheric side of “The Arrival” meets the unrivaled chaos of “Into the Abyss”, for example. That combination of wrecking-ball guitar tandems, intergalactic synth usage, Horge’s galloping percussion usage and Freaky Pete’s patented, yet still strong after all these years, demonic growls still shows that the mighty HYPOCRITES can still be considered alien kings among men in the melodic death metal world. Definitely more entertaining than your everyday whatever-core band and with plenty of lasting appeal, “A Taste…” should give the metal crowd plenty to shoot for…from “Valley of the Damned” to “Weed out the Weak” to “Global Domination”, where a demonic dominance from the mountains of Mars is as practical as anything realistic one can think of.

So all in all the latest HYPOCRISY was quite the entertaining chapter in their ongoing legacy. Taking all that has made their existence as great as it’s been and enveloping the listener with cavalcades of riffs definitely gets a thumbs up in my book.