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this is how you do it - 100%

ironasinmaiden, December 30th, 2002

Note: any bands who have "greatest hits" albums planned, check Hypocisy's out, cos this is how it's fuckin done. Almost a perfect compilation that satisfied everybody, sort of a like a double ended dildo.

The first disc is Hypocrisy's finest tracks, many of which rerecorded (quite excellently) by Tatgren and co. The sound quality is fucking AMAZING, some of the best production in metal no doubt, and it seriously brings out the power some of the originals were lacking. The rerecording of Penetralia completely demolished me, something that album has never done in the past. Song selection is more or less ace, going for the shit that always gets over (Killing Art, Roswell 47, Fire in the Sky, Pleasure of Molestation), with enough melodic for new fans and enough death metal for old ones ( i am both).

The second disc is "rest in pain" their awful early demos, which I'm sure somebody can find some good in, so more power to em. I think they suck, but diehards will be all over it.

And they had the decency not to put any of their nu material on the first disc, which makes it all the more a killer collection to own. Did I mention the awesome liner notes or the enhanced videos yet? Shit, guess I just did. Hypocrisy are pretty underrated so any wayward metalhead who is unfamiliar with them and stumbles across this review should get this album now.