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And they score - 100%

KatatonicMoon, October 9th, 2003

10 Years of Chaos and Confusion, and I am two years late. I would slap my own face, but at least I got here in time. Late – very late – but I am, definitely, and finally, here.
My first contact with Hypocrisy was in a car. I had to admit I had a certain prejudice – I don’t really know why, maybe because the human being can not understand properly the difference, or maybe because the name did not tell me much. In sum: pure narrow-mindedness. Okay. Huuum. That sounded good. That sounded REALLY good, what the hell was that? It was, indeed, Hypocrisy.
I think what made me more surprised about the band is that, despite the fact they are a death metal band, they sound so singular. Oh, yes, it’s always about the originality thing. They manage to sound really heavy, but still…atmospheric. Keyboards are allowed, at times; but they’re just in the exact volume to make you notice and distinguish them, but not to be bothered. I admire Peter Tägtgren for many reasons, but his great abilities as a producer is, undoubtedly, the most important one.
In this CD, you can clearly tell the difference between Masse Bromberg and Peter, which is also a plus. Of course, you could say that, being Penetralia Hypocrisy’s first album, it was rawer. Well, the songs were re-recorded. I can also add that I am not a huge fan of distorted bass lines, but in Hypocrisy they sound perfect.
This one is the kind of album you never get tired listening to. It deserves a perfect ten.