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Destroy!! - 81%

Estigia666, July 18th, 2003

Very fucking fast, very insanely heavy....emphasis on the "fast" part. You won't find much alternation between fast to midpaced to slow (or every other possible permutation). This goes too fucking rapidly almost all the time, and no, I'm not complaining.

Favorite song....I don't know, they all sound similar. I guess I like "Haunting Death" and "Perpetual Dormancy" more, but that's just me. All the songs sound insanely brutal, kinda like Darkness Descends' title track on the fast parts and Slayer/Kreator when going midpaced.

Only complain I have is that the drums (specially the hi-hat and snare) sound a tad louder on the mix than the guitars (at least on the mp3s I have). That is a minor problem, however. Good luck trying to locate this. Recommended to people with adamantium-enhanced necks only.

From the past comes..... - 84%

UltraBoris, February 27th, 2003

Damnation, here is thrash school for everyone that missed the first few classes. This album combines very successfully a lethal PLEASURE riff TO style KILL that reminds me mostly of some Kreator album whose title I can't remember right now, with a bunch of other thrash ideals, namely Dark Angel, Sepultura, and Nuclear Assault...

Sound good? Of course it sounds good! And it is good - very fucking excellent thrash. The first complaint, is well that it's only an EP. There are only five full songs, but hey, they all rage. The highlight is probably Undead, with its awesome "Fight to Be Free" style break - the most jaw-breaking thing to hit the thrash scene in the past ten years. Yes kids, this came out in 1997, not 1986. Not a typo. Nonetheless, this sounds like real fucking thrash metal, none of that bullshit that the Haunted are hawking nowadays.

Some of the riffs are more memorable than others - for example, check out The Storms, with the minute or so being fairly ordinary, and then it steps into a Sepultura-esque total desasterfest that cannot be convinced to stop after hacking you to ribbons with toenail clippers - it then sodomises your corpse and eats your gravestone in three carefully measured, dietarily correct portions. GRAAAHH!!! Food pyramid ist krieg!!

Also... Perpetual Dormancy, and Mental Terror - Hell, this is all excellent stuff. If you like Mille Petrozza's bunch, and you like stuff like Riot of Violence or Carrion - well, this is the album for you.