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Sweden's best 90's Thrash! - 90%

Werewolf, November 17th, 2012

The evergrowing amount of old school thrash bands nowadays, sometimes makes me question myself how many of their albums will stand a test of time as short as, say, even only 5 years (Merciless Death (US), Hatchet, many others... do any of them still ring a bell?)...

That's when I also wonder how things would work for those under-appreciated bands that played the genre with much more talent and passion, back when thrash was absolutely dead. Scepter (US) and definitely Hypnosia being some of those who did some of the best thrash ever, back when the demand wasn't there at all.

This compilation CD sums up the whole Hypnosia discography, except for their one and (unfortunately) only full length album "Extreme Hatred". And damn, titles like 'Violent Intensity', 'The Storms' and 'Extreme Hatred' don't only sound cool, but truly reflect the band's music in all its non-compromising glory.

Expect to hear a great load of angry thrash the German way and 2 covers that are pretty much as good as the originals. Hell, I would even dare to say that the 'My Belief' cover of Possessed is even much better than the original, as it sounds here like if it was recorded during the "Seven Churches" session!

50 minutes is really a lot for a thrash release, but rest assured that if you are hungry for memorable riffs and genuine aggression - you might even find yourself pressing the "repeat" button, once the CD is over. Hands down... This CD, if any, is really worth your support. Buy it now!

Originally written for webzine