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Solid modern metal - 80%

brianwilliams82, March 17th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Independent

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, Hypermass play a style of 'current' metal influenced by bands like Sylosis and Gojira. What is striking is just how polished and professional it is; the productions is slicker than a bag of eels, yet the band remains unsigned. Such is the democratization of metal that bands essentially no longer 'need' a label to release a great-sounding album. Whether enough people will hear it without any label backing is the more pertinent question, however. But I digress.

From the comparison bands you can most likely gather that it's not the fastest stuff in the world; indeed, the band stick to mid-paced/upper-mid-paced tempos throughout. A few faster flourishes come through here and there, for example some blasts in 'Empyrean' whilst 'Equalizer' stands out as the fastest track on the whole and the most obvious Sylosis-esque number. Otherwise the band tends to be rather 'playful', if I dare say so? This is displayed prominently in lead track 'The Degenerate Strain'. This one actually strikes me as more of a 'shake your hips' track rather than 'bang your head!' given its groove, bounce, swagger and occasionally jangly guitars whilst remaining heavy with the drummer giving it welly on the double-kicks. Moody mid-tempo headbanger 'Null and Void' brings things back to a more serious note while the spacious, semi-epic 'Behind The Leviathan' is likely the best overall representation of what the band can do.

Vocalist Markus ultimately keeps the band grounded in the extreme with his capable but standard growls and shouts. Choruses are present but the vocals are layered in such a way as to prevent them being seen as 'obviously' singalong. I do wonder if it will stay that way as introducing more 'obvious' clean vocals seems to be an inevitability with this style of metal. For now, though, the band has resisted the temptation.

Hypermass have gotten their career off to a great start and I would have hopes that they can sign with a Nuclear Blast or a Metal Blade in the near future; they would not be out of place on one of those labels. Even if that doesn't happen, though, they can be proud of this one. Thumbs up!