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Hyperdontia / Septage - Hyperdontia / Septage

Season Of Rot - 80%

Nattskog7, August 2nd, 2022

Hyperdontia and Septage share not only members but two versions of old school death metal putrescence of the highest quality. Together they will unleash a brand new split via Desiccated Productions.

First up is Hyperdontia with their track “Season Of Rot”. Blistering in with monstrous riffing and towering drums, the tight and visceral edge of the band is as strong as ever with their somewhat technical approach, exemplified by some killer lead work tying into the pure old school malice. The dark and cavernous atmosphere is contrasted by razor sharp musicianship across the board, something delivered consistently on both albums, and the EP’s and splits Hyperdontia have released thus far. No faltering has occurred here with the ravenous guitars, unrelenting drums and warping bass playing perfectly to the raspy, gruesome vocals in a cacophony of pure carnage. In the short space of 4 minutes, there are some nice eerie dynamic and shifts into more upbeat rhythms to give diversity in a track that remains coherent and brutal from start to end.

Septage kick off with rancidity ramped up to the max. Gurgling vocals and swampy guitars meet ferocious drumming with more cymbal focus to counter the chunky spew of the riffs. The high-octane rottenness of the songs is contagious with pungent grooves and meaty hooks punching the bloated corpse of early brutal death metal to massive effect. The leads are evocative while short-lived so as not to steal from the putrid momentum of the tracks. Speaking of tracks, here we get two shorter pieces with the second going into a slower rhythmic crawl than the previous while retaining that utterly abhorrent feeling gloriously. Even more savage riffing and drumming continues while the barbaric vocals feel even lower (how is that possible?) before explosive death metal mayhem erupts across mix. Some excellent bass leads from Malik give a bit more flavour to the song, which somehow don’t feel out of place given his technical ability in such a primitive format. A really unique and cool addition to the Septage side!

This split showcases both bands strengths while complementing each-others abilities to give us just under 10 minutes of magnificently heavy, diverse and enthralling death metal.

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