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Abhorrent Genesis of a Punctured Soul - 90%

Nattskog7, August 4th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, 7" vinyl, Me Saco un Ojo Records (Gray with black and white splatter)

2 titans of the death metal underground have joined to spew purulent sounds upon us. This swirling murky devastation from Mortiferum and Hyperdontia is out via Me Saco Un Ojo Records, Carbonized Records and Desiccated Productions.

Mortiferum open the split with reverberate ambience that is chilling and brooding, setting a perfectly dismal mood as bellowing vocals and doomy guitars cascade into fruition over fearsome cymbals and pounding drum hits. The foreboding and macabre atmosphere is utterly visceral in an expansive manner that contorts into a spectral apparition of mid-tempo grooves that putridly erupt. Churning a filthily brutal and creepy style of death metal that the band have a reputation for concocting, this track is just as high quality as one would expect from this band, delivering sonic carnage in a truly eerie manner. The faster sections offer blasting drums and a bestial aggression in the tremolo picked riffing as the vocals continue a vomitous lurching across the mix. Storms of ghoul-ridden soundscapes seem to endlessly warp throughout this 8 minute piece of disdain. A truly pungent conjuration of totally haunting death metal magnificence.

Hyperdontia follow up with relentless savagery as a barbaric flow of punchy drums and convulsive riffs fire into maliciously driven hooks. The vocals are just as tastefully gruesome as usual while the instrumentals seem to have upped the ante in terms of creating a ferociously aggressive, technically proficient and yet still atmospheric soundscape of pure malevolent death metal mayhem. The cymbal work breaks apart the monolithic structure of the guitars to rebuild in unison, a formidable force of pure masterful wickedness. This is clearly the work of talented musicians with nothing short of top-tier death metal being offered on this rotten conjuration of soul-puncturing savageness. Bone-splitting instrumental and vocal deliverance will insure you do not forget the name Hyperdontia as this track sweeps through a flawless progression of pulverising extremity. Truly phenomenal work.

This split is death metal’s current state perfectly represented. Two bands from completely different locations (one of which is spread between Turkey and Denmark) proving that brutality knows no borders, only destruction. These two monsters of the underground have each unleashed an obliterating new piece of impeccable death metal that works with the other gloriously. A must have for all fanatics of morbid, eerie and crushing death metal.

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