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Hydra - To aima emon

The Pagan era of Hydra - 75%

Mors_Gloria, December 17th, 2007

So, this is how Hydra sounded like in their demos. The members of the band described the music they played at the day as hellenic pagan metal. When I listen to the term "pagan metal" I usually think about black / folk metal. However, this is not the music in question here.

And how it could be? After all we are talking about the songs that were about to be released on the split with Unholy Archangel. However, do not expect many similarities with Unholy Archangel's sound either. We are not talking about black or death thrash here. Hydra's music has nothing thrashy about it. Hydra always manage to surprise me by using their influences in such a nice way. Hydra are mainly influenced by the Hellenic and Swedish scene (as those of you who have read my reviews about them already know) and the mixture of the two is what makes them to stand out from the mass.

The music to be found here is a mixture of black and death metal (with the black metal elements being prominent this time). The pace is fast and the atmosphere it evokes is triumphant.

The drumming is simplistic compared to Hydra's later efforts (I suppose Tornado wasn't a very skilled drummer) however it fits the music perfectly. The bass is audible and plays some nice fills that can be easily heard at Tantalus I. The guitar riffs are tremolo picked and convey a nice atmosphere. The vocals are somewhere in between death and black metal. They fit the atmosphere but they're nothing exceptional.

I guess that's the main problem of this demo. It is pretty tight but it's nothing exceptional. However, it contains a highlight. Tantalus III is surely the highlight of the album. All things work perfectly on this song which slowly fades out after a very nice solo.

If you can find this album and like Hydra take it. You'll like it. If you are into extreme metal and can download this from Hydra's official site download it. However, I do not think I'd buy it. I'd prefer to buy Phaedra over this one.

Highlights: Tantalus I