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Oh the irony... - 25%

Mors_Gloria, December 17th, 2007

For those of you who doesn't know the myth of Tantalus I will explain it to you.

Tantalus was one of the many sons of Zeus. One day he was welcomed to Zeus' table in Olympus. He did a major mistake there. He stole ambrosia (the food of the gods) and gave it to his people revealing the secrets of gods. That's the reason that he is regarded to give knowledge to people.

However, that wasn't the case with the people who recorded this album. Tantalus wasn't reincarnated to give them his knowledge on recording an album. Instead he took the recording, cut into pieces, boiled into and then served it to us as a live recording,

Excuse me but that cannot be considered a recording. Even LLN bands had better production from this piece of crap. This album production-wise is an utter piece of shit. And I mean that literally.

Let's move on to the music part of this release (at least the parts that can be heard). Hydra made a good choice of songs. They chose Sacrifice Of Nobler Blood, Phaedra, Baptism Of Royal Blood and Head Of Medusa. These are the best songs that Hydra wrote (although I'd pick Tantalus III over Sacrifice Of Nobler Blood any day).

From what I can decipher (cause we are talking about deciphering here) the band's playing is really tight.

I cannot imagine what went wrong with the recording. It's beyond imagination. Get the songs in their respective Cds (Sacrifice Of Nobler Blood, Phaedra and Baptism Of Royal Blood are out of Phaedra and Head Of Medusa is out of Head Of Medusa). Don't waste your time on this.