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Thrash?! Don't Mind if I Do! - 93%

TiredOfBeingAlive, June 23rd, 2007 unknown band to me until I came across their album cover and I was instantly hooked. The reason the cover caught my eye is because it was done by none other than Metal Cover Legend Ed Repka! Enough of that, lets get to the music...

The album starts off with a very nice acoustic passage familiar to fans of Alice In Hell by Annihlator. Then it turns into the most badass shit to come out of Europe in the last 15 years! Yes, I mean it's equal or better than Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Celtic Frost, all's that good.

One thing I noticed is it's extremely close sound to new Exodus. The solos even sound the same! The only difference really is the vocals, and at times, they can also seem quite similar. They have the exact guitar sound. If anything, this thrashes more than the newest 2 Exodus releases.

Comparing this to Exodus would seem like murder to this album, but if Exodus would have written any of these songs during the TOTD or SHKM sessions, they would have easily made the cut, and we'd have 2 very different song lists on those cds.

I recommend this to anyone in search of hope that Thrash is still alive and well. Fans of new Exodus, here's your new saviors! (After all, Exodus can't keep going forever...can they?)