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Unholy hate over the Hellenic Ground - 93%

_Agony_and_Pain_, January 2nd, 2014

Being a black metal fan since the "trading" era of 1992 I never thought that, 21 years later, a newly made band could draw my attention. But the demons with the occult name Human Serpent did exactly this.

So, The Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy, a title with a meaning that anyone can keep in mind. A two-track demo release that Human Serpent use to introduce themselves. You can feel an order of armoured tanks plowing over your dead corpse as you hear the introductory roar of "Mass Graves for Mankind" and an unequivocal ritual that pulls you down to nihilism and sheer hate in the second track "Whores of the Coming Plague".

The structure of the strings is excellent and they combine with the production in perfect harmony. No other production would be more suitable for this demo release. Melodies are strorming your ears one after the other with no sign of laziness in the drumming.

Human Serpent create black metal, they love the oldschool sound and they use it in a way to unleash their hatred, they created a solid blend in their music. Another thing that they did amazingly well is to avoid the trap of their music sounding exactly the same as some other band. They are most certainly influenced by Satanic Warmaster, Mgla and by the Greek black metal scene that was in a "rampage" back in the day. The vocals are special as is their role in the whole atmosphere that the band creates. The band has a primitive music flow that assists them in making their ideas and views known to their audience.

They sure have a lot to offer in the future. This just a demo release but how long has it been since you heard something this furious by a Greek band? My answer would be that it has probably been since the release of "Thy Mighty Contract" and "The Scarlet Evil Witching Black". It is a fact that Greece and its scene was, and still is, very influential and there were always been a plethora of remarkable releases. Human Serpent overdo remarkable from the very first second!