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Eternally loyal indeed - 74%

Storfeth, December 23rd, 2013

Human Serpent are a newly formed band that released their first demo in 2013. They originate from Greece and their debut consists of two tracks that last slightly less than 10 minutes.

Loyal to the roots, Human Serpent play traditional black metal without any deviations. “Mass Graves for Mankind” is a fast-paced and relentless track, with a cold and misanthropic atmosphere that can really impress the listener. Despite its simple and basic structure, the riffs are great and create very strong emotions. “Whores of the Coming Plague” is a little more diverse with the nice addition of the orthodox psalms serving as intro and outro. Tempo changes and a noticeable influence from the Greek black metal scene indicate that the band is still searching for its characteristic sound, but in the meanwhile they provide some really decent tunes and ideas. The raw production results in a great guitar tone and the combination with the diseased vocals fills the air with the stench of nihilism and negativity.

“The Eternal Loyalty to Misanthropy” serves its purpose with honor and respect. It is recommended to those who don’t compromise with the modern innovations of the genre and are still searching for the same feeling created by the primitive acts of the scene during the 90s. Of course there is plenty of room for improvement but the potential of these Greeks can’t be doubted in any case.

Originally written for: The Lair of Storfeth