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Spazz Out...Seriously! - 88%

Skarnek, February 25th, 2013

What is to be said for a tiny slab of unique spazz-grind with nice hints of old school death metal that has already stood the test of time? Well, not a lot is needed to be said, yet a lot can be. I have made sure to have this one in my collection since the "glory days" when all extreme metal was welcome to exist together (I don't know what is wrong with today's fans...).

I'll just describe its main characteristics, forgoing the mentioning of too much outside musical dogma. The first thing that always stood out to me was the crazy guitar approach. It's as if these fellas learned how to play while working at a circus (let your mind run away with that one, for any conclusion it comes to will be a fun one. Trust me.). Also the fact that the very grind-rooted drums can keep up with such tomfoolery is nothing short of amazing...if not amusing. The vocals have quite the unusual Van Drunen (Asphyx, Pestilence, Hail Of Bullets) sound, strangled and painful, yet still manage to keep the grind feel. Some really fun samples can be found on this one as well.

As for much else, well, it's a sixteen minute frolic in playful sickness. Other than praising the odd and grotesque album artwork, I have nothing else to say but opinions, which are: I love it, find it essential, and you should buy it and push the "repeat" button since you won't get your fill from the short duration. It's just too fun for that kind of listening.