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Brutalidad pura - 88%

mrdanteaguilar, May 17th, 2011

Direct from Spain, Human Mincer delivers Degradation Paradox, perhaps one of the weirdest albums I've ever heard (lyrically) and one of the most brutal as well. I can see where bands in the vein of Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, or Waking the Cadaver take inspiration from. Of course, they cannot even remotely touch this savage gem of raw brutality even with their most ''br00tal'' breakdown, although musically this won't cross the boundaries of brutal death metal music in terms of complexity or creativity. In fact, it sounds like a mixture of Mortician, Cephalotripsy, and even some Suffocation. That's certainly not a bad thing, however.

The first aspect you will notice is Phlegeton's characteristic vocal style that makes his other band, Wormed, one of the most brutal bands I've ever blasted in my car speakers (with even weirder lyrics). Phlegeton could be easily mistaken for a wild boar ready to eat your guts, incorporating unintelligible, yet mind blowing vocals (read the lyrics and your mind shall be blown further) and makes all the songs sound aggressive and punishing. Nevertheless, I would've loved to hear some low guttural vocals as well.

The bass is undoubtedly impossible to fully distinguish from the rest of the music, as the only bass you can hear is the deep crunch of the entire chaotic orchestra that takes place during the whole album. That's not bad either. After all, it still sounds brutal as fuck.

Guitars sound very crunchy and always play very catchy riffs and pulverizing chugging parts as well in most of the songs, delivering an inhuman rampage with no chance of breaking down or stopping at any time. Degadation Paradox offers hundreds of ear-raping riffs, especially songs like "Sculpturing Himself Atrocity" and "Flask Copper Deglutition" that offer bestial riffs at all times.

Drums, however, don't offer anything special, consisting of entirely blast beats and fast patterns, but again, this is a brutal death metal release. Don't expect Cephalic Carnage's technicality. Besides, the drum kit sounds properly mixed and has a punchy sound as well so you'll be entertained while detonating this musical piece through your speakers.

Only one thing that you should be warned about is how similar the songs might sound. If you're not used to brutal death metal, grindcore, or death metal in general, this might sound as a nonstop wall of noise. If you 're a fan of true brutal metal, don't miss this gem. By the way, the review title is Spanish for ''pure brutality''.