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Fails To Meet Demand - 15%

thealchemistguild, February 1st, 2009

Behold, this is the sound of a band failing to meet the standards it set for itself. Since their last effort which was an instant classic IMO they have abandoned their sound and no longer deserve to even keep the same band name. Yes! It is that bad!

Everyone feels for them when they lost their previous singer who was excellent and we want to see you succeed, but this is just turning your back on the fans and genre. Human Fortress fans don't want to hear mall-core and tuff guy shouting BS in our music. We do want to hear medieval classical era melodies and powerful singing to augment the sound. Why did they think they could omit this and still make a proper album?

Without going into all the tedious details I will say they have turned their backs on all the elements which make good power metal and replaces it with metal-core non-sense. The new signer is not bad, he just decided to be on board with the new, totally flawed direction. It seems every member made a desperate attempt to make some new fans and cash at the sake of their music. Please do not support this.

Having said all that, these people are not ignorant of all this in their genre. Some songs has good parts and you can tell that they have at some point in the past played power metal. For that they get 15/100.

Please keep one last thing in mind. If you are a Human Fortress fan, this album is not for you!