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Rage-tastic - 90%

AtteroDeus, January 27th, 2005

I've not spoken to many people about what they think of Houwitser, but I've a feeling that no doubt there are some people out there that think "they're nothing original" blah blah bullshit.

To be quite honest, I really don't give a fuck when the music, like this, is as heavy and adrenalising in as metallic a way as you could get without resorting to blatantly cheesy stereotypes.

Using a very over-simplified descriptive structure, I would say that Houwitser basically rip, tear and shred their way through all of the songs on this album practically leaving you all of less than a second or so to get up to speed before they blast out of the gates again...

Admittedly there are the, somewhat requisite I guess, horror movie samples about murder, corpses & shit... but trust me, unlike Mortician, neither do the samples last far too long nor do they overly dominate the flow of the album, keeping relatively short, sweet(?) and to the point.

I've used this album as an excuse to get other people into this band, and that's before I've heard any more than one other thing the band's released.

Frankly, if you like your death metal fast, furious, yet with enough groove to please all kinds of death metalheads (excusing fans of the melo-Swedish shite), then you could do far worse than not listening to this album.

I'm just damn fucking disappointed I only found out about Houwitser a month or so after they split.