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I’m Being Fucked With - 35%

OzzyApu, June 13th, 2010

Production for this is actually not that bad – full-length clarity is present and everything is loud while properly mixed (sort of). The guitars and bass are wretchedly heavy and rupture like a train engine while playing the riffs. The bass is sort of next to the guitars in an unplugged way, so you can hear all the burps it does. The riffs themselves are thrash / death with a lot of slow moves and blazing tempos backed up by sterile blast beats. For sure, the drumming is like a kiddy kit, with hollow snares and plastic cymbals doing very little to face the onslaught of the hellish guitar tone; this isn’t tribal music, so ditch those awful snares. Vocals are upfront and louder than anything else, which is just great because this guy does tormented screams that, while pretty mutilated, doesn’t compete against someone like Morbid Saint’s vocalist. These screams are hellish, but there isn’t a lot of power or emotion behind them – like some hardcore punker attempting harsh black metal vocals.

I jumped right in with the description because I know jack shit about this band. 1993 places them right at the end of the old school death metal period, yet the music sounds more like thrash metal with vocals pushing black metal screams. Not to say that any of it sounds good, but just the opposite: the riffs don’t capitalize on the energy, the drums sound abysmal, the vocalist is just there, and the bass, while slick and nice, plays for fun. The atmosphere brought together by the bass and guitars is rather hellish, and some of the riffs do bring out sinister vibes, but the direction is useless without a purpose. I’m not very interested in what I hear and in the end this sounds very familiar to a couple other bands from the Swedish death metal scene, actually.

All in the glory of death metal, right? Well these guys just missed the train to the kingdom of death metal legends. House Of Usher can get pretty intimidating, but you never feel convinced or curious enough to move forward after hearing pale tracks like “On The Very Verge” where the instruments just don’t work together. “The Haunted Palace” picks up a little bit near the end when everyone begins working with each other, but overall the demo is still a sloppy effort. Some may like it, others may hate it, and I’m just going to skip these guys from now.