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Really good, it's a shame they didn't do more. - 80%

Zodijackyl, August 18th, 2011

This EP is a solid piece of old school death metal. The guitars are grinding and abrasive, but still easy on the ears. The drums are thin and sharp, nothing is muddy about the music at all. The vocals are higher pitched than a lot of earlier death metal, which is a pleasant change and fits perfectly with the music. The bass provides a ton of low-end punch while the guitars just crunch, it's a perfect blend. The overall sound of the album is less chunky and less low-end on the guitars than Sunlight production, but it keeps all the edge and aggresiveness.

The two songs vary quite a bit - the first one starts with straightforward riffing that hits hard, going hand-in-hand with the production like good old death metal does. Later in the song there is a chromatic, melodic part that invokes Slayer and screams "OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL", mixing a bit of atmosphere into the song before finishing in the crushing form.

The second song is an odd mix of punkish grooves that remind me of No Security, and obtuse technical riffing that sounds like a more chaotic take on Darkthrone's debut. While the first song highlights aggression, this one highlights chaos, and the bass really helps out here. This song is a bit less refined, more chaotic in structure and riffing, but everything is put together with precision, quite an impressive composition that crosses some boundaries that might later be labeled as different subgenres of metal.

This is a really good EP, while it is under 12 minutes long, I wish there was more. The lack of anything beyond this and demos made it easy to overlook the band, but these two songs are making their way into my playlist for a while.