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Sweden befor Melodic Death was born - 90%

PerpetualDusk, February 11th, 2007

What I hear here can be described with two words: Old School.

I think I can make this review short, because there is not much to review. This little EP delivers pure, fast as fuck, bone-crushing old school death metal with just two songs. I'm very suprised that this band is lost in the past, but it seems like that's nothing unusual for old school swedish death metal bands. Like their countrymates Liers in Wait and Nirvana 2002, House of Usher was created, made some awesome stuff, and disappeared form the entire scene without leaving anything undone.

So, how does this monster sound you ask?

To be honest, it's nothing too special. There are no groundbreaking riffs, there is no catchiness, no technicality, no whatsoever. "On the Very Verge" is a neckbreaking piece of death metal and it leaves you satisfied. It has the typical swedish death metal groove in it like we know it from Nihilist and Nirvana 2002: what I want to point out is, you hear sweden in their riffs. The Vocals are high-pitched like we know it from Tardy (Obituary) and what I liked the most, was the drumwork, very decent.

I wonder what would have happend to this guys if they'd continued this way...