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Hour of Defiance - Horrible Process

Repulsively Harmonic Metalcore - 89%

Disengorge, November 19th, 2023

Here stands the shrink-wrapped cattle field to farmer's view for all madness in metalcore, those reassembling bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Hatebreed, and Lamb of God. No band besides Lamb of God could/can achieve the sound of Hour of Defiance. Instead of an ultimously generic dumpster of chuggy so-called breakdown, favously in lieu of it, its sound achieves and rips through your skin, with its musical variation, embracing various metal subgenres, such as melodic death metal, non-metal metalcore, alternative metal, old school death metal/grindcore, and the list goes on. These elements make the EP not just another metalcore sound-alike but also the best underground hardcore release, be it pushed into hardcore or metal. And about the major influence of metal genres: do you like melodic black metal and metalcore? Go to the track In Clear Sight. Likes old-school death metal? So, seek for Rejection. Likes metallic/modern grindcore? So, My Poison can be your main option; the amount of influences and elements is what increases the stomp beneath each song, the harmony, the melody, and so on.

As I said before, influences are pushed from all of the trillions of metal subgenres, and not only influences, but they impact positively on the songwriting, atmosphere, and audio-visual imagery. Influences from other genres are what makes your band have a soul, but Hour of Defiance got innards in its soul. Even though this band is mildly to half-full underground, it is still to me my favorite metal(hard)core release. While the guitars flush various shared elements from other genres, the tone is unique for its main genre, metalcore. However, some songs seem to have an ultra-minimal change in its tone.