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A Septic Flesh rip off perhaps, but still great. - 84%

PainMiseryDeath, March 18th, 2004

Horrified have been around for a long time and this is only their third album. It bears heavy resemblance to fellow countrymen Septic Flesh. Actually, its quite astounding how similar Horrified sounds to Septic Flesh. Comparing this album with the latest (and last) Septic Flesh album, the production seems to be going for the same sound, Horrified's being just a bit cleaner. Of course they both play the eerie and dark type of atmospheric death metal, and the vocals in each band have a similar sounding deep growl. If I had never heard either band, after listening to a song from this album, and then a song from Sumerian Daemons, I would probably think it was the same band. Hence this album is not very original, but thats not to say it isnt good. There are tons of interesting songs, with a definite epic feel to them.

The first song on Deus Diablos Inversus is my favorite. It starts out with a horn playing only 2 menacing notes, like some sort of battle call. For nearly a mintue, this builds up getting louder, and the anticipation for whats to come is exhilarating. Then BAM the guitars and drums burst in. Incredibly heavy stuff, being as simple as it is. The vocals are a deep sort of mutter for a few moments, then the roar comes in, the drums pick up, and, well, really its hard to describe, its so fucking great. The entire lyrcis of this first song are simply 'Dues Diablos Inversus.' There are more brooding riffs and eerie lead parts played throughout the song, and goddamn it just rules.
The rest of the songs are great, a few wierd songs like Once Upon a Time, a short acoustic song with a strange flute playing in the back, and clean vocals that also remind the listener of Septic Flesh.

Almost an hour long, this cd is well worth the money. If you have heard and enjoy Septic Flesh, then I highly recommend you check this out, and even if you haven't heard Septic Flesh before, Horrified is well worth hearing. They write some excellent material and there is hardely a poor track. No matter what your situation on having heard Septic Flesh is, listen to the title track Deus Diablos Inversus and prepare to be amazed by its sheer force, dark atmosphere, and musical genius. - 84%