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Horrid, indeed! - 85%

Werewolf, November 18th, 2012

I didn't know about this old Italian band until Stefano of Terror From Hell Prod./Payerbook zine sent me this tape as a bonus with some package. This band exists since 1989 and plays death metal, inspired by the Scandinavian “chainsaw guitar” sound of old classics like early Amorphis, Carnage, and probably Autopsy.

This never-released-before promo consists of most of the time very dark sounding and doomy slow-to-mid-paced music with very heavy and raw guitar and bass sound and blood-freezing, deep growling. Fast parts are present as well, but they’re pretty rare. Somehow this music reminds me a bit of Hellhammer because of the mid-paced parts and the utterly dark atmosphere and the gloomy sound.

Despite being slow and pretty a long release, the songs have enough variation in the riffs to stay interesting throughout the whole tape. If you like your death metal not too fast, but strong- sounding, here is a great dose of it - raw, but honest and truly horrid as death metal should be!