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Ritualistic and Gloomy - 82%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 30th, 2008

Horrid is a quite historical band for the scene in Italy. The band was born in late 80s and, together with Mind Snare and Natron, they were the new realities from the death metal genre. One of the most important things to notice is that fortunately they are not a “one hit wonder” band, but they had follows-up in their discography, resisting to the terrible scene in Italy. Their strong personality and their will of making their presence known are all here to create obscure music with a right attitude.

The first demo, Eternal Suffering, was put out in 1992 and “suffers” a bit of the old style in terms of music and songwriting. This demo is a bit influenced by Hellhammer music but this is not bad! The first “Life Without Feelings” is incredible scary on the intro but when the instruments enter we can describe the music as a sort of primitive death/thrash with a black metal touch. Surely the influences from bands like Mortuary Drape or Necrodeath were very important in construing the sound. The guitars are slow, massive and simple in the style. The up tempo parts are made of open chords riffs and the drums are almost elementary in style.

The vocals are a sort of ritual growl and the general atmosphere is truly gloomed. Everything must be simple but dark and heavy. The production is not bad for a demo and the group is quite convincing on playing this sort of a ritualistic music. “Evil Desire” continues the dark procession through doom instruments and apocalyptic, cryptic growls. The slow march in the dark is again simple and essential on the structures but the fast restarts are a punkish way of playing dark riffs. They are not numerous but stuck perfectly to give a bit of variety and break the ultra mid-paced parts. Some clean vocals are to notice in order to add more darkness to the sound.

The other side of my cassette opens with “Absolutely Exhausted” featuring a drums semi up tempo, followed by some truly Hellhammer oriented riffs. Their essentiality is almost unbelievable but what counts here is the atmosphere they can transmit us, an atmosphere made of gloom passages and dark production. They achieved the goal. The general tempo is never fast, conserving the rituality we can find also on the following “Horrid Agony”. The doom notes and the occult scenarios are fantastic. There are just few up tempo parts and they are welcome.

The last “Eternal Suffering” begins with a female vocals describing what “evil” and “hate” create on this planet, with murders and sufferings. The long, distant bass notes are followed by the dark riffs on mid-paced tempo. The arpeggios are even scarier and they lead us to the end of this “outro”. All in all, this is a very good, occult oriented, death metal demo. It’s still heavily bound to Hellhammer but they were also able to absorb some of the typical Italian occult metal influences to create this weird and fascinating demo.