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Horresque > Chasms Pt. II - The Devouring Exorbitance > Reviews > Edmund Sackbauer
Horresque - Chasms Pt. II - The Devouring Exorbitance

Horresque - Chasms Pt. II - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, April 2nd, 2024
Written based on this version: 2024, Digital, Supreme Chaos Records (Bandcamp)

This might sound exaggerated but to this day I believe that “Chasms Pt. I” by German black/commando Horresque is one of the finest albums done in this particular style. It is always difficult to tell what exactly make an album special and separates the great from the good ones, but this record just pulled me in and got the mixture of elements on point. Four years later we now get “Chasms Pt. II” and while I was a bit nervous at first the first songs released prior to the release confirmed the status of Horresque. Now with the full album available it is fair to state that they managed to at least keep the level and cement their place among the genre’s top tier artists.

Opener “Colonia Dignidad” starts with some heavy, slow and oppressive guitar lines which later are interrupted by some relentless blast parts. Doomier sections with desperate choirs of the damned send shivers down the spine and create a deep and unsettling feeling. With raging fury, they sweep through the second track "A Mendacious Myth". The bone-chilling guitars create a pervasive atmosphere that makes the room temperature drop and the breath freeze. The rhythm section whips through the song with machine-like precision and doesn't leave much room for breathers. It speaks for the band that the music nevertheless does not lack a certain groove whenever the tempo is slowed down a bit. While technically acting on a high level there is never the danger that a too high degree of complexity stands in the way of the listening experience.

Dense like fog, the middle part of the track “Extinction Threshold” creeps into the subconscious with jaw-dropping heaviness, unearthly tonalities and crawling doom vibes, completely dragging the listener into the realm of Horresque. For the final third onwards the tempo and pummeling picks up. Flickering guitar leads add a feeling of lunatic zealotry to this vaulting assault on the senses. The remaining tracks flow into each other, lending the album a hypnotic sense of coherence only the top lever players are able to achieve. The riffs Horresque create are chilling layers of texture, each forming and reforming like apparitions, intertwining where the one before left off. They weave back and forth as the drums pepper away and the humming bass brings another aspect to the table. The howling vocals of singer Marco further contribute to the intensity.

While there are a lot of bands nowadays that are technically flawless and know how to get the stick out of the bag, the songwriting separates the wheat from the chaff. Writing a song (let alone a whole album) that immediately grabs the listener and doesn't let go requires talent and a good feeling for how the individual elements can be puzzled together in the right way. Horresque are clearly one of those bands who are capable of more than just stringing together different chords, some evil vocal parts and fast drum passages. They have the gift to set the right accents and to put every sequence in the perfect place. The final product is a haunting descent into the darkness.

The production is on point, dynamic but with a certain level of dryness underlining the machine-like precision and no-nonsense approach. Despite this fact the music comes across as being very vibrant, and while there is always something going on in the background no detail has been lost in the mix. There is a perfect balance of the grit that should always be present when it comes to black and death metal and the more fragile side of the music, which is necessary to give the guitars enough room to spread their glorious magic. Do yourself a favor and do not sleep on Horresque and “Chasms Pt. II”, they are one of the most talented new bands around.