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...Merlin Weeps - 100%

Obsculum_Obscenum87, June 24th, 2010

To have a gem like this come from Columbia, SC is nothing short of astonishing. Horrendous barreled onto the scene with unstoppable force with their expertly produced first offering, Sweet Blasphemies. Right from Merlin the Mystic, these guys show you that Sunlight Studios is gone but not forgotten, channeling the ancient art of polished, brutal, and catchy Swedish death metal. With ferocity and skill that even Entombed would envy, it takes you through the realms of thrash-like intensity all the way to mid-tempo, almost melodic death parts such as the slow dual guitar riff near the start of Reanimated.

I much disagree with the first poster as Ridiculous Flesh is by far my favorite track, and the chorus is fitting with the tempo and general vibe of the track. It is extremely up-tempo and I know live it possesses an energy unlike anything seen in the past 15 years of death metal. I'll again draw mention to the expert production as it seems the producer took a sample in classic death metal history and carbonized it, reproducing it nearly flawlessly. It felt like I had discovered a gem from Stockholm in 1991! Standout tracks are Ridiculous Flesh and Reanimated, with Putrid Rebirth receiving an honorable mention. don't stop guys, keep it coming!