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Nowadays, Metal Needs More Than Attitude - 55%

diogoferreira, December 23rd, 2014

Hailing from Colombia, home of the mightiest Inquisition, the black metallers Horncrowned – comprising a fresh line-up since Demongoat is the only original member and the other mates were recruited in 2011 and 2012 – have released the fourth album, titled “Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)”, via Ketzer Records.

The album is opened by an intro that revolves around an occult imaginary with a pinch of warfare sentiment reminding of martial projects such as Arditi or Triarii. This warlike scenario will be continuously heard here and there during the album, especially due to the machine guns that open or end tracks.

The drums are extremely fast due to the work around the snare and around the double pedal, but it only applies fastness to the songs and nothing extraordinary happens in that department. The guitar riffs are also always speedy, cold and ripping. There’s no huge amount of riffs within the same song as the base includes 2-3 riffs at the maximum. Nevertheless, those riffs have some kick and can even be catchy, without further details. There’s also place for solos, but I must admit they’re nothing out of this world – if they weren’t there, the songs could sound cool anyway. And I say that because the solos are majorly delivered by a shredding technique and it seems the guitarist is in a contest in which he has to play the most number of notes he can. Demongoat’s vocals are crunchy, opened and linear giving no unusual aspect to the songs. Let’s say this is his comfortable corner and there’s no need to ruin what can be easily done – however, I admit that this constant type of vocals without a hit of diversity may piss off some ears.

Overall, “Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)” is a regular album without explosions of originality and the band prefers to wander within the comfortableness without taking risks. The power, the will and the strength are there, but nowadays metal needs and asks more than attitude.

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