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15 Minutes in the Finnish Forests - 84%

Enigma666, January 3rd, 2005

I picked this EP up in a Copro-direct cleanout sale for £3.99, I had previously heard of their split with Behexen of whom I am rather fond so I decided they were worth checking out- I wasn’t to be disappointed , the production here isn’t as low as most would probably like from their black metal releases, but it is done tastefully and over-production is certainly isn’t an issue, overall the songs are very cohesive with each other without being monotonous. It’s a pity this is only 15 minutes long, as a full-length in this vain would be an excellent addition to the Finnish scene, nevertheless, Horna are renowned for their EP’s, so it is fine
Firstly, I must comment on the fact I find the artwork incredibly appealing, it has an aura of melancholy to it which I find interesting.

Viha ja viikate

This mid-paced track begins with quite a catchy guitar riff, which is actually, as black metal songs go, quite easy to get stuck in your head, the vocals soon begin, and are very good.Ihe drumming on display in this song is average, and nothing anyone who has heard bands much as Keep of Kalessin or Darkthrone hasn’t heard a hundred times before, the verses seem to be slower than the riffs between with a much more epic sounding musical backing. Well, admittedly there are only two riffs in this whole song really, with some drum rolls right at the end, which make this a quite interesting introduction to the EP.

Ars Laternarum

This song starts with a much more “frantic” series of riffs with average, verging on predictable at times, drumming as before- this remains consistent throughout the song, though there is a refreshing, albeit brief change at about 1.10, a while later the riff altars ever so slightly, there is certainly a hard rock influence within Hornas music which becomes quite tangible during the tracks on this EP (though it is fair to say this is the only Horna record I have heard, so feel free to correct me)


The third track bursts straight into the vocals, once again with the same riff over and over again- I would love to comment on Horna’s lyrics but alas, the entire album is in Finnish, this song is more fast paced than the others on this EP, the lack of variation in riffs is also apparent on this track, but the atmosphere of desperation Horna create seems to discard any worries about this kind of thing, the riff changes during the third minute however, this riff then remoulds again beneath of the surface of the consistent vocals, which lack variety- but then, that’s never really being a pre-requisite of a good vocalist.

Kun 1000 Kuuta On Kiertanyt

The final song featured is a Carpathian Forest cover, I believe, which has being translated into Finnish, having not heard the original to my knowledge, I cannot compare them, nevertheless, this song is catchy, and it is perhaps easy to see in retrospect that Carpathian Forest have a lot of influence on Horna, whether this is because Horna adapted the track to their own style or not.

In conclusion, this is a fine piece of black metal from Finland, Hornas riff aren’t that diverse. But all in all, no one said they needed to be, an excellent quarter of an hour of music, which I think people from all areas of the black metal spectrum can enjoy-, go buy