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Nice but not essential collectors item - 60%

Pal, January 4th, 2008

About a year ago I got my lucky hands on a copy of this cassette via eBay.
I wanted to have the complete sessions from "Ordo Regnum Sathanas" from April 2000 and "Perimä Vihassa ja Verikostossa" from May 1999. Most of the material was already available on the 2CD compilation on Woodcut from 2000 including the first 2 albums on disc 1.

The difference with the 2CD is that on the tape you can find scratch-free versions from the songs "Ring to Rule" and "Haudanusva" from the "Perimä" session. "Ring to Rule" is a good be it a little a-typical Horna song inspired by "Lord of the Rings". "Haudanusva" on the other hand is 100% classic Horna and is a much better version than the different one on the "Sudentaival" album. They are the sole reason for wanting this cassette as far as I am concerned.

The downside is that there is a slight difference in speed between the cassette and CD (tape runs a little faster). Another difference is that the sound quality on the CD is remarkably better with much more bass. There is also a fundamental difference between the production of the 2 sessions with the older one being much louder, making the "O.R.S." sound tame by comparison. This is most evident from the fact that right after the end of "O.R.S." the 2 songs mentioned above follow, instead of being at the beginning of side B. If you find the sound of the "O.R.S." demo too clean I'd like to point out that all its songs except "Black Metal Sodomy" can also be found in VERY lo-fi form on the "Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu" demo tape which was recorded 2 months earlier.

Most of the songs on the "Perimä" session sound slightly distorted (esp. at the start) but I think this was done on purpose (to make the noise more brutal I suppose). This distortion is more noticable on the cassette. All in all I think this cassette is worth tracking down for completists who want to have all songs of the 2 sessions.