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Fairly solid - 75%

orphy, October 29th, 2005

Horna's latest release is an interesting release for black metal. It sounds like the offspring of many newer USBM bands with older Norwegian bands such as Darkthrone. It's epically proportioned, adequately produced in the sense that instruments are listen able but still sound rough, and cold in atmosphere.

First impressions from the first track, "Vihan Tie", is a memorable riff over a typical black metal blast and bass line. The vocals are reminiscent of perhaps Darkthrone, being high, rough and raspy. The song is enjoyable until a certain riff that's just a bit too melodic and out of place with the rest of the song. Nonetheless, the song is enjoyable.

The album continues to flow in such fashion. Song structures are crafted well and for the most part, nothing seems out of place with the exception of a few riffs that seem really primitive black metal/punk like. Point to the third track titled "Vala Pedolle". That track in itself if probably the weakest on the album just due to those chord progressions.

Overall, this album is enjoyable to listen to. Nothing unique or groundbreaking, just full a lot of great atmosphere with a few small exceptions here and there. There's not a lot to say other than check it out if this style interests you.