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Hails And Horna - 72%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

Woodcut black metal warriors Horna have been fairly productive as of late. The End has picked up the band’s ‘Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne’ for release in the US and for good reason. The effort is a solid dose of necrotic black metal that is certain to appeal to fans of Tsjuder and Celtic Frost (yeah, the good shit) alike. Raspy growls punctuate the flurries of high-register rhythm guitars on the lengthy “Musta Temppeli”, a cut that slices through thick skin, emancipating a crimson flow with brash intensity. The clean guitar passages the duo utilizes fit the track well, adding a ghastly ambience. More traditional metal influences crop up in “Vala Pedolle”, a more straightforward track that manages to pay homage to bands of the eighties underground while retaining a darkened vision musically.

Vocally, Corvus employs an abrasive rasp that adds a strictly evil, primitive vibe to the dismally brilliant “Saastainen Kaste” while Shatraug proves that he can approach black metal from a diverse array of angles, yet still bring to realization manifestations of a most enjoyably depraved nature. The doom-laden abrasiveness of “Zythifer” is a testament to discordant blasphemy that followers of the Finnish act will find to be most disengaged from the rest of the work here. It remains, however an exceptional representation of Horna’s musical creativity, with memorable melodic passages swirling amidst a cold, foggy sound that is highly effective in getting this band’s malevolent intent across to the listener.

Very underground, this release is one for the cult to discover; if not for the entertaining techniques Horna works through, then for the sheer emotion of blackness that it contains. Mighty Hailz.