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Horn of the Rhino > Weight of Coronation > Reviews > AcidWorm
Horn of the Rhino - Weight of Coronation

What a vocalist! - 85%

AcidWorm, December 27th, 2010

I have heard a fair bit of doom this year and Horn of the Rhino is definitely one of the better discoveries I have made. The music just has that awesome groove making me come back to it time and time again backed by some excellent grunge vocals.

Metal is usually about the riffs with the vocalist being there to help accentuate or compliment the sound. What makes Rhino so unusual is that it is other way around. This is something that would be really difficult to pull off. A band would need a really exceptional vocalist if they wanted to be really good and the vocalist of Rhino is certainly one of these. It should be noted that only some styles of metal would be open to this. This of course would never work in thrash for example where the entire music is revolved around the power of the riffs. Javier’s voice is extremely powerful with his clean singing that is like a cross between Chris Cornel and Layne Staley. It really is some magnificent stuff. There is not a trace of a Spanish accent, as one would expect from a Spaniard.

While I can go on and on about how much I adore Javier’s voice the riffs are no slouch either. The riffs are widely in sludge territory with a fair bit of reverb playing at a moderate pace with a heavy groove that occasionally goes into half-thrash territory. Think of Eyehategod with the groove of High on Fire. There are a fair bit of long instrumental sections where the band just focuses on bludgeoning the ears through the heavy groovy rhythms. The songs are often very long and can go over the 10minute mark but they never seem too much as Horn of the Rhino changes them up at just the right moments.

One track I would like to go into is Sovereign where Javier sounds like the preacher at a funeral with his soul singing and a churches electric piano in the background. A very epic track indeed.

This is one of my top choices for best album of 2010 and it is surprising that these guys are so unknown. If you like bands like Soundgarden, High on Fire, and Eyehategod then I implore you to check this out.