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Horcas lives! - 84%

Gabometal86, May 15th, 2005


At last, after more than ten years of history and lots of incredible thrash albums, the band Horcas got to record a live album. It was in the frame of the tour of their first album without Osvaldo Daniel Civile.
The recording took place at Hangar on September 13th, 2003. The place was full, 5000 people gathered together to claim for fucking heavy metal and the band did delivered what we all expected.

The album starts with a bang, featuring three songs form their last album in a row. “Esperanza”, “Mano Dura” and “Reacción”. It’s a good way to start the album with catchy and heavy stuff, and then we are mercilessly pummeled by some old classics in the form of “Golpe A Golpe” and the glorious speed metal anthem “Fuego”. The latter is played a bit slower than the studio version and doesn’t show its full metalness, it’s still full good will and efficient riffage.
“Abre Tus Ojos”, “Rompo El Dolor” and “Mentiroso” were all well-crafted and balanced with the solos being weaker than on the studio releases but the live atmosphere and enthusiasm making up for it. “Vencer” was the emotive moment of the night, the ballad dedicated to Osvaldo Civile and the crowd singing unison with the band and the whole place vibrating.

The last 5 tracks are definitely the best by a long shot; “Garras” was belted out insanely thrashy and damn good with Walter delivering raucous yet shrieky screams and also going for broke on the choruses, with the whole band backing him up efficiently. Then come two old classics form the first era, “Violados Y Devorados” and “Devastación”. Imagine Exodus nowadays doing songs from “Bonded By Blood” and “Pleasures of The Flesh” and not ruining it. This was like that, damn invincible old school thrash metal with riffs, riffs, more riffs, pace changes and monstrous breaks. Then finally we have the band’s biggest anthems “Argentina” and “Solución Suicida”, both of them melodic thrash assaults with incredible and face-ripping riffs.

During the show, they played a brand new song called “El Diablo” which wasn’t included on the live album, nor in their following studio release called “Demencial”. That’s not a big deal, just an interesting anecdote. I wish they had included on the album the tune “Muerto En La Calle” as they indeed played it live that day and that was the tune to which I fucking moshed most; my face was kicked and I didn’t even care as I was in the circle mosh pit banging my head and colliding with everyone.

Conclusion: One of the best live albums I’ve had the chance to take part in and it will always be remembered as an efficient testimony of the band’s first tour without Civile.