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FUCK YES!! - 93%

Gabometal86, April 25th, 2005


After 5 years of discographic silence one of the best South American thrash bands ever, returns with a punishing slab of fast-paced metal. This time Horcas is a bit more melodic than before, with lots of speed metal moments as well as the fucking impressive crapload of thrashy riffs.
The band’s line-up has changed almost completely; the only two remaining members of the old era are the bassist Topo Yañez and the guitar hero and band leader Osvaldo Civile. Drummer Guillermo De Luca, second guitarist Sebastian Coria and an incredible high-pitched vocalist called Walter Meza were recruited for the recording of this album. Before Walter was brought in, a power metal loser performed as vocalist for the band but he was kicked in within three shows.
Walter Meza here belts out some wailing and invincible high-pitched screams that you can’t help but love.

The album kicks off with a damn impressive mid-paced thrash march in the form of “Resistencia”, which starts with a nice tidy drum intro and then it features lots of chug until it picks up and forces you to headbang for your life and resistance.
Then comes the semi-godly thrash assault “Garras” that starts with one of the most insanely high-pitched screams ever and then thrashes like a beast with that unstoppable main riff, incredible melodic guitar duels a la Judas Priest and a memorable chorus that will get stuck in your head for months.
“Argentina Tus Hijos” is one of the best thrash songs from the late 90´s. it does not contain stupid mallcore segments or random groove-oriented shit. It’s pure fucking thrash metal the way it was meant to be played back in the 80´s and nowadays too. An incredible opening riff assaults your senses and you are owned by the shattering and groundbreaking speed and a skillful vocal melody. Then we have a fabulous melodic break with charming leads and at 2:35 the thrash madness is unleashed more powerful and fury than ever before, with Walter belting out godly high-pitched screams and some efficient guitar duels. Next is “La Venganza” which more like an epic mid-paced number breaking into nice interludes and featuring random thrash riffs going into an excellent chorus.

Next is “Gritos En Tu Interior” and oh my fucking lord! For the love of god, this is an invincible riff-o-rama with lots of high-pitched wails and infernal riffs that can take a tall building in a single bound. “Mentes Perversas” starts out with a nifty mid-paced riff but nothing out of this world, then at 1:57 comes in the crapload of thrash and you are fucking pawned as those riffs blow out from the speakers along with the quick and intense solos. “Mundo Enfermo” follows the same formula; starting out decently and then kicking into immortal and destructive thrashdom at 0:35. Fuck yes! Show no mercy with the duel solos; don’t stop till you own everyone’s ass.

“Tierra De Libertad” shows a nice melodic vein a la Iron Maiden in the lead work, especially the opening shred. It’s a catchy and melodic thrash number with lots of speed metal influences; it’s like Agent Steel but ten times catchier and with better riffs. All in all, a complete riff-o-rama. Riff-o-rama you say? Than check “Tormentoso Sufrir”. Fuck yes! Thrash ownage at its best. That main riff sounds like if it was taken out from “Rust in Peace” or another technical thrash masterpiece. THRASH UP YOUR ASSES. I haven’t heard such an invincible old-school thrash riff in a long time, this is probably the best riff of 1997.

Then we have two tunes which do not own but are still good, “Miserable” and “Resistirse A Complacer” are both decent and feature cool riffs but they seem pale and lightweight when compared to the other semi-godly songs.
“No Te Dejes Influenciar” is a nice mid-paced tune carried on by an enjoyable riff and an incredibly catchy vocal melody which tops on the chorus shrieking loudly and menacingly. Then the solos completely own, another efficient guitar duel by Osvaldo Civile and Sebastian Coria. Next is “Sangre Fría” which is another obliterating straightforward thrash assault featuring a fast-paced riff that brings mayhem and apocalypse and some nifty guitar leads.

The album ends with a song sung by guitarist Osvaldo Civile. That last song is the funny quote of the album, as Osvaldo is a really tuneless vocalist and the other members laugh at him after he finishes singing that track.

Conclusion: Do you like riffs? Do you like high-pitched vocals? Do you like Thrash? Do you like Speed Metal? Sure you do. Then get it, it’s a fact, not an opinion.