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Raise the fist and yell THRASH!!!!!!! - 96%

Gabometal86, October 30th, 2004

Horcas – Reinará la Tempestad.

This album can easily fulfil all what was expected and give much more… First I shall tell you that this is the debut album from this argentine Thrash metal band. Released back in August 1990, this is one of the most impacting debut albums I have ever heard. Grinding real Thrash Metal from the very beginning to up to the end, the production is weak and because of that maybe sometimes the instruments sound a bit muddy but it surely delivers the goods. This album sounds like early thrash metal, that’s the reason why I praise it so much.

You will find top speed tracks like “Ardiendo en llamas”, “Cosas enfermas”, “Desangren”, “Reviviendo las huestes”, “Derramaremos hasta la ultima gota de sangre” and the title track “Reinará la tempestad”. All this songs show a complex fast execution full of intense drumming and guitar dwells, thrash in its better form. Raw, aggressive and fast with very solid and headbanging riffs, each and any of these songs can be taken as an example of what a thrash metal assault is.

Also you will find some heavy and ultra technical mid tempo songs like “La marcha de las ratas”, “Devastación” and “No habrá piedad” which starts with a great shredding solo and then turns into a violent raging half speed dealer and half traditional metal song.

Hugo Benitez performs vocally very good delivering some acute screams. Osvaldo Civile’s guitar work is astonishing, drilling riffs and complex solos combined perfectly. Eddie Walker (Also played in Thrash Metal legendary band Lethal) plays the bass and fits exactly to give form to the bases and construction of the songs. Gabriel Ganzo’s drumming is pummelling and intense; the use of double bass is flawless although the weak production drags a bit the drum work.

Conclusion: A very accurate piece of metal that is highly recommended if you still enjoy listening to old school Thrash Metal.

The Metal Storm Shall Reign - 96%

Ausgebombt, October 24th, 2004

"Men shall destroy men in his insatiable ambition. Inescrupulous minds will sicken this eart. They will announce hate, and diseminate misery. You are only one more in this naive, and corrupted generation, that soon will grow in conciousness, and with their own will, without violence, will start their quiet revenge.
Until then... The Storm Will Reign"

This is the first solo effort by the ex-V8 Osvaldo Civile; he was widely known in the national scene for his guitar playing madness and absolute emotional perfection though not quite technical, like say.. Walter Giardino.

The production on this album is certanly not a highlight like in Oid Mortales.. but once again, that is far from necessary for a thrash band. Though the mix is quite low so it lacks a bit of power and feeling, which is certanly delivered by the band on the songs.
Like all their early thrash metal stuff, you can't find a soft spot on the songs; and if you hear these, even if you don't reside in Argentina you'll know why the late Osvaldo Civile was regarded as one of the best Metal guitarist of the whole scene.

Horcas' first material is very difficult to define in sound, though it is in itself very good and enjoyable; a comparisson with more known bands is pretty difficult to make. I guess you can compare it to a weird mix of early Destruction and Anthrax , with some Tankard too, and of course the rawness of Artillery. And you will only find the need to headband like mad; like you do to these bands.

What needs to be mentioned about this album is, precisely their top notch musicians, Eddie Walker (later in Razones Concientes) on bass and Osvaldo Civile on guitars dwell like there's no tomorrow. The music is basically old school thrash metal, with drunk velocity in songs like Ardiendo en Llamas (Burning in Flames), Reinara la Tempestad (The Storm Will Reign) and Devastacion (Devastation). Reviviendo las Huestes (Raise the Hords) and Derramaremos Hasta La Ultima Gota de Sangre (We'll Spill Up 'Til The Last Drop of Blood) highlight top speed druming and guitar works, with thrash vocals and some shrieks delivered by Hugo Benitez thrown here and there. Though basically the whole album includes these; this songs are probably what represent the album best.

When all is said and done, this is the thrash metal guitarist's (and drummer's) dream come true. A piece of art you should not miss.

Favourite songs: Ardiendo En Llamas, Reinará La Tempestad.