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Sure it's heavy, but it lacks some more speed - 74%

Gabometal86, November 11th, 2004


This was the first album Horcas released after the band’s creator, leader also lead guitar player, Osvaldo Civile, died. He was replaced by Gabriel Lis and a new era started, the sound of the band modernized and attached to the world wide metal scene around the world, take in count that by 1999 Horcas was one of the few bands in the world that still played old school thrash metal.

The opening track “Esperanza” is a very catchy and hitting mid tempo song with a great chorus and some nice guitar runs by Lis. “Mano Dura” is a killing modern thrash tune with really certain notches; imagine something more or less in the style of “W.F.O” or even “Divine Intervention”, not vocally if not instrumentally. Then comes “Reacción” which is a mid tempo song with a good but also uninspired riff and a well done solo. “Sueños” is a catchy mid paced number with a memorable riff. “Ausencia” is a typical heavy metal ballad, maybe the weakest song on the album.

“Rebelión” is another modern thrash metal tune with a great riff and killing vocal lines but doesn´t grab me as old Horcas did. “En Guardia” is a melodic thrash song with nothing very remarkable. “Abre Tus Ojos” is a heavy and slow track with assassin bass licks and cool riffing. Next is “Crisis” which is another ballad that sometimes turns heavy but again returns to the original ballad format. “Junto A Vos” is a kind of half fast and half mid paced track with a very catchy riff and good vocals. Then we have “Amargo Sabor” which is a fucking thrash assault with a very good vocal range that was used many years ago by Walter and also a good solo and finally the closer is “Psicosis” that holds a good range of heaviness but it is just another average mid paced tune with some soft interludes.

This is a Thrash album, don’t expect “Rust In Peace” or “Spreading The Disease”, but this is the model of how thrash is played in the new millenium, it´s not very different from the newer Overkill or Testament albums.
Walter Meza performs pretty well, maybe not as sharp or high pitched as in “Vence” but he still delivers the goods. Topo Yañez does some killer bass licks but overall he is pretty decent. Guillermo De Luca´s intense drum hitting defines the sound of the band in this new era, always indicating and pointing the pace changes. After Civile´s death, Sebastian Coria had to mature so fast and take the lead guitar playing on his hands, in this album he has some consistent and tough riffs and average to good solos, and finally Gabriel Lis. Well, he is not Osvaldo Civile but can surely be considered a good guitar player.

Conclusion: This is above-average indeed, but I would rather pick up any of early Horcas stuff before this album.