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The best thrash/speed metal album from 1999 - 90%

Gabometal86, May 15th, 2005


This is the last album Horcas recorded with their leader and guitar hero, Osvaldo Civile, before he was found dead with a gun shot in his chest.
The album has lots of speed metal melodies and traditional metal bits, still the thrash metal riffs are damn prevalent and the pummeling double-bass drum work and those demented wails help to create a mood of heaviness similar to that in the early Anthrax albums or in Jag Panzer’s “Ample Of Destruction”.

The album kicks off with a thrash herhmarch in the form of “Golpe A Golpe” that begins quickly with a tidy yet pummeling double-bass drums intro and then bursts into insane traditional thrash riffage that will make you go insane and mosh all around like a maniac you’ll be. Next is “Rompo El Dolor”. Fuck yes! Speed Metal a la Judas Priest’s “Freewheel Burning”, damn intense gallops, cool melodic leads and unbelievable high-pitched screams. Also we have the efficient mid-paced thrasher “Mentiroso” which is a nice and willing mid-tempo piece full of chugs and lyrics against liars and bullshit.

“Vencer” is one of the most emotional if not the most emotional metal ballads I’ve ever heard. The underlying riff in the chorus and the chorus itself are both damn catchy and memorable. “Lejos De Casa”, “Canción Demente” and “Nada Que Perder“, are three glorious thrashers like Iced Earth in the days of “Night Of The Stromrider” but with more balls, better riffs and semi-godly guitar harmonies.

“Sos Como Yo” and “Solo Es Diversion” are fucking semi-godly speed metal on top with nifty and skillful melodic solos and excellent screechy vocal performances. Then comes the battle hymn “Fuego” which is probably the best melodic thrash/speed metal number ever crafted by Horcas, and that’s fucking much to say. This song’s fulcrum is the riffs and the melodic solos, tons of them coming from everywhere to annihilate your neighbors and their poor pets.
The album ends with two invincible thrash onslaughts, “Ser Uno Mismo” which is fast and furious and also rides the universe with its intro riff and those mincing vocal melodies and a remake of the old classic from the band’s first album, “Cosas Enfermas” that is faithful to its previous version.

Conclusion: Want thrash? Want Speed Metal? Want riffs? Then get this album and play it loud, fucker.