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A step backwards and bordering danger - 60%

Observer, November 23rd, 2006

This is the new release from Horcas, an argentinian metal band that has been around for a while and suffered a severe loss with the death of the band’s leader and guitar player Osvaldo Civile. And after that they have been changing and altering their original sound. This time is not the exception and they have yet again, moved things to other shores… dangerous ones. This will be explained soon.

Once you press play you will notice none of these tracks surpasses the 5 minutes limit and the total length is, for today standards, a “mere” thirty four minutes for ten action-packed tracks sung in spanish with lack of intros or outros. Yes, the only moment where things go mildly calmed in the middle of the trash storm is at the beginning and perhaps in some of the middle to last songs. Mainly what you will hear in Asesino is a massive wave of both guitar and drums smashing, greatly encompassed with the vocalist (Walter Meza, whose main tone is nice but nothing that great) to make the average trash cd with a more modern sound. Say bye-bye to solos because the work lacks of them. Say hello to heavy guitar riffs (no fantasy-driven keyboards, high-pitched voices, etc., good for them), swearing and cacophonies related. Zero complexity, which in this case isn’t that bad anyway.

What is truly alarming of this album is that borders a bit the mallcore line. Personally, again, personally, I dislike swearing in lyrics because they seem like a cheap way to make a rhyme, save space or pretend a false and stupid anger. Insulting through half of the lyrics seems more like a way to add “heaviness” value and “aggressiveness” rather than trying to actually get an interesting tune. End of the personal thoughts.

However, the mallcore smell stalks around. By checking the booklet and the overall appearance of the album (that skull, the blood, the one-word song titles, which aren’t precisely creative to begin with), reading the lyrics and adding the total length… well, it gives something to think about and of course makes the album way weaker in comparison to their powerful and more original releases.

About the songwriting, this topic passes but it’s also terrible, quite predictable, full of “poetic” ways of speaking spanish that are just bad. What adds insult to the injury is that they are pretty standard (again, this seems to be one of the main flaws of the album in most aspects) and tread across paths that were already visited by everyone else.

Another point to mention is that most of them seem to be lines thrown in a brutal way, no spaces, no grammar, no spelling, nothing! But, well, I saw worse stuff before so it’s not that bad.

Into the songs, the opener “Asesinos” is one of the best tracks of the whole album. The next one is also pretty good, but there isn’t much to tell about it since the whole thing involves the same: heavy riffing, drums set into high speed and Walter’s voice shouting aloud with aggressiveness. You can barely hear any basses here. The poor thing gets buried under the sound of the guitars.

The rest of the tracks are just average. You can find the worse in “Confusión” and “Guerra”. The first one has a vocal line that is scarily similar to any average mallcore song (“Porque debo odiar… Si yo no quiero odiar” – Why I must hate? If I don’t want to hate) even sung in a different tone and “Guerra” not only features pretty lame lyrics but the ending is awful and gives the general sensation that they didn’t know how to finish the song.

Things get a bit better with the last song, “Amnesia”, with its great beginning and fast pace, plus the lyrics aren’t that bad here.

As a last comment, while the album is pretty weak, it still stands as metal hopefully, just those little signs are things to take into account in order to be warned against a possible mallcore disease.

So, if you need to listen something short, without intros, plain and simple, blunt and clear, get it. May be a good way of calming anger or releasing it.