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Absolutely Crushing. - 90%

worlddementia, January 2nd, 2011

To be honest, I can't quite recall how I heard about Hooded Menace in the first place. But I'm glad I did, I actually put Fulfill The Curse at number three on my top ten favorite doom metal albums of all time. I'm probably going to be all over the place on this review, bear with me.

I can't list anything I don't like about this album. The drums completely crush and keeps the band moving forward. I thought the drumming was perfect here especially, not over done but not at all lacking. The huge and heavy guitar tones lead us through some sort of evil feeling of trudging, as the deep and resonating vocals tell us of the Knight's Templar and the blood that was ingested... HORRIFIC! AMAZING! And let's not forget the Theme From Manhattan Bay rendition! Beautifully done, to say the least, and an interesting choice as well.

I think one of my favorite things about this entire album is the writing. Hooded Menace seems to be able to transfer from these slow, heart stopping doom riffs to more mid-paced death metal ones with some pretty amazing solos over it.

I love the Candlemass influence that can be heard in a lot of their more melodic parts, too. When I was listening to the album, it wasn't something I was expecting hearing from these guys. But when those depressing melodies came in, that's when I knew I'd fall in love with this album.

I'm definitely looking forward to scraping a ton of cash together so I can see these guys play at the upcoming Maryland Deathfest!