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Wish they still did it like this - 98%

Achlys, March 4th, 2011

Back when Roadrunner/Roadracer Records was signing real bands and trying to find talent instead of money-making entities, they found excellence in bands like Whiplash, King Diamond, Znowhite, Pestilence and many more. At the top of this mountain was Holy Terror. "Mind Wars" picks up and expands on the aggression and unique songwriting found on "Terror And Submission." Holy Terror oozed with talent at every instrument and it shows on their swan song release. This is an album of near perfection.

Song production notwithstanding (so many bands in that era suffered from poor production), this record showed matured song structuring and composition. The songs, while still fast and aggressive, have a catchy nature to them. Whether it is a dueling guitar riff, the harsh-to-melodic vocal exchange of Keith Deen, or just a great banging riff pattern, each piece of every song is important and adds to the greatness of the whole record.

An overlooked aspect of this band is the lyrical content of the formentioned Deen. In the 80s, metal lyrics for the more extreme natured bands generally centered around violent and evil themes. Holy Terror took more of a street-level, relatable view on such topics as war, Christianity, corruption, and human emotions.

A song by song description of this record is unnecessary since each song is a classic in itself. With the recent thrash resurgence and the overwhelming number of bands that all sound alike in song style and production, one can only hope they will listen to a record like "Mind Wars" and use it as a blueprint for how thrash metal should be played.