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Quality album - 90%

Xeper, May 14th, 2003

Sure, it's nothing overly original. (No, they're not some clone band, don't worry.) Basically we have here power metal with BALLS. The production is nice and heavy, crunchy buzzsaw type guitar tone with probably triggered and thus powerful sounding double bass (that or he's a hard hitter, who knows). Lots of even double bass runs with meaty Priest-style riffs in places, and attitude-soaked vocals you'd sooner expect from bands like Enertia and Skid Row (HM's singer is in another band called Messiah's Kiss, who I haven't heard yet). Basically, they're overlooked heavy metal, and write some catchy and awesome stuff. Too bad their albums are damn hard to find. Track 'em down if you can, you won't be disappointed.