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There's Better, But There's Much Worse... - 74%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

Sabina Classen proves herself to be a big league growler here on “Strength, Power, Will, Passion”, as she bellows her way through tracks such as the thrashy, galloping “Angel Cry” and a caustic rager titled “Symbol Of Spirit” with an unquestionable fervor.

Holy Moses have it quite together, their precision thrash executed with a torrential energy with the brittle guitar tones taking a backseat only to Classen’s heartfelt performance. On “End Of Time”, the listener will find the band letting loose with some solid old school thrash rhythms, these being the foundation of the groups snarling attack. On this, the groups tenth album you will find a focus that their earlier material lacked, as the group have been transformed into a non-stop war machine of decidedly harsh tones with a distinct emphasis on creating an air of gruff brutality.

Their upfront, in-your-face song structures are most successful on tracks such as the aforementioned “End Of Time”, the grinding, bashing “Examination” and the mighty “Sacred Crystels”, which features one of the most potent thrash riffs of the last five years. Songs like “Lost Inside” reveal Holy Moses to be the thrash counterpart to the more death metal focused Arch Enemy, the most immediate differing factor being in that of the drums and the noticeable lack of the blazing fretwork that Arch Enemy is well known for.

Lack of a complete shredder aside, Holy Moses still comes across as wholly uncompromising and relentless in their starkly aggressive approach to metal. Fans of Death Angel style, quick-paced rhythm guitars will find much to enjoy with “Lost Inside”, the sleeper track on the album. Does this record deserve a spot in your collection?