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End of Time? Not for Holy Moses - 87%

CannibalCorpse, December 14th, 2006

Sabina Classen. Is she really the best female extreme metal vocalist ever? Maybe. Definitely better than your average female modern extreme metal vocalists (Angela Gossow, etc.), without a doubt.

Holy Moses have been around for two and a half decades already and they were one of the earliest German Thrash bands in the early 80s. I haven't heard "Queen of Siam" yet but "Finished With the Dogs" is definitely on par with albums like Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill" and the early Destruction and Sodom outputs.

So I decided to give the reunited Holy Moses material a chance, starting with "Strength Power Will Passion". The cover looks pretty cheesy, but is particularly interesting in some strange way. But let's dig into the album, which is actually some classy shit.

The first three songs are generally hailed as the peak of the album, but I don't agree completely. "Angel Cry" is not exactly the best opener in my opinion, even though it has a good main riff. The problem is, the few riffs the song features are played over and over again, which causes a lot of unnecessary repetition. Not a bad song, but nothing too exciting. The next two tracks are indeed awesome thrashers. "End of Time" has some great fast riffage, while "Symbol of Spirit" is mainly midpaced and features a few awesome hooks (that's one of the album's high points, it's totally catchy).

I can't agree with the majority of the Holy Moses fans. The album doesn't let down at all after these three tracks, they just switch in style for a tiny bit. The lead work starts to sound a bit like "South of Heaven" and the songs seem to get a bit more atmospheric at times. They might lose some steam compared to the first tracks, but the things i mentioned before make up for it.

Sabina's vocals are raging again. They might not be as high-pitched as in earlier albums, but they are still as vicious as they've always been. Her thrashy yells have turned into a more death-metal like raspy growl with some gang vocals here and there. The oldschool vibe can definitely be heard, without denying the slight modern influence (don't worry, no stupid half-thrash or metalcore here).

So what else is to say about the album? Not much, it's just damn fun to listen to. It's catchy as fuck, very headbangable and hits hard enough to make every fagcore-idiot whine in despair. Oh, and it's incredibly consistent. No weak track to be found here and you definitely need to check the hidden track after "Say Goodbye". It's funny as hell (if you understand German) and features Tom Angelrippers angry barking together with Sabina! A must!).

Overall, "Strength Power Will Passion" is a great Thrash album, not very innovative, but hey, does it have to be innovative all the time? This reviewer doesn't think so.

Try it. Like it. Buy it.