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Fantastic debut - 85%

Warpig, April 15th, 2004

Sabina Classen wrote about this album, that in 1986 it was important to finish first or last in the soundcheck of German magazine Metal Hammer, cause either way, it meant to sell a lot of records. Well, they achieved their goal … and finished last.

Holy Moses were really lucky that the guys at Metal Hammer were probably the only ones who didn’t realize what a great album this was, and so “Queen Of Siam” sold really well and all the people who bought it could assure themselves of the quality of such soon-to-be-classics like “Roadcrew”, “Walpurgisnight” or the title track.

Although this album is full of great Speed/Thrash Metal songs, it was Sabina’s voice that stole the show and made this such a controversial and extreme output. Remember this was 1986 and there weren’t too many men around who “sang” like that, but it was unimaginable that a woman would be able to produce such sounds. Her singing is also the reason why this album qualifies for one of the very early Death Metal releases.

After this album Holy Moses would go on to play more technical thrash, while guitarist Andy Classen would become one of the hottest producers for Death and Black Metal bands.