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The future could be pretty good for Holy Moses - 77%

Wez, February 27th, 2004

This is basically a comeback E.P. for Holy Moses. It's just really a showing of new stuff in the same school of crunching, violent thrashy style of most of their older albums. It's pretty good though, just a short 20 minutes of intense Thrash with no time wasted. No out of the way or new musical ideas, no lead guitar, just a pure violent assault really. It's good stuff mainly, with the title track being the winner here, nice, heavy riffs and some intense attitude! The rest of the songs are all about the same really, nothing over the top or groundbreaking here, they just work really. Though to be fair, the last couple of songs are a little monotonous, they should have cut the number of times we hear main verse riff in "Feel The Pain", and/or put a riff change in to keep it more interesting, you just keep waiting for something else to happen until it does.

I think the star attraction of the band for me is Sabina Classen's vocals, still strong as ever! She has her voice at her best here again, when she really does sound like a woman shrieking her head off! She had this effect on me from the incredibly powerful and over the top screams of the first album, but later she started sounding a bit too much like a lot of male Thrash vocalists, a bit more ambiguous and a lost a bit of the original slant she had.

This is fairly good, it's not a demanding listen and it's under 20 minutes, but it just doesn't have the edge of the earlier albums. I've always wanted to hear a bit more from them though, I always thought they could probably write the best Thrash album ever, if they really got it together. But I guess this style is their niche and what they'll keep doing it so long as Holy Moses exists. They do their primitive, aggressive Thrash style well. I hope the "Disorder Of The Order" album improves on the stuff here though (when I get to hear it!)