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What a comeback! - 92%

Agonymph, January 1st, 2007

Shortly after the "Hardcore album" 'No Matter What's The Cause', Holy Moses disbanded. In the years to follow, Sabina Classen worked with her other band Temple Of The Absurd and Andy Classen focused on producing albums rather than making music himself. Luckily, Sabina and Andy rejoined forces early in the new century and the first recordings were released on an EP called 'Master Of Disaster'.

And holy shit what an EP it is! Holy Moses is reborn in every thinkable aspect! Instead of trying to reproduce the vintage Holy Moses sound as perfect as possible (if there ever was any anyway, every album sounded a little different), they have chosen a direction that is Thrashier, even more vicious and has even more of a bite than the "original" Holy Moses already had. People who doubted if Holy Moses should be reformed would have their doubts taken away by this EP: Holy Moses prove to be ready for the 21st century with 'Master Of Disaster'!

Opening the album is one of my personal Holy Moses-favorites. It's the title track of the EP and it has all the elements a Thrash song should have nowadays: fast drums, guitar riffs that bite through anything that crosses their path and intense vocals. Especially the latter deserves an honorable mention, because Sabina seems to have improved during her absence from Holy Moses! Her screams and grunts are even more intense and aggressive than back in the early days. And Andy's backings are back with a vengeance too, they make the chorus a little catchy.

'The Hand Of Death' is a Thrasher that's beyond belief as well, both Andy and Sabina are really on the verge of insanity in this track. The tempo of the track is higher than I could ever expect it to be and the changes are interesting. There's only one word that describes this track and that is INTENSE! Okay, maybe there's another one...FAST!!! 'The Hand Of Death' is really a track that should be heard by any Thrasher who doesn't think Thrash Metal stopped around 1990 (it didn't). Some reunions just aren't good enough but this song alone proves that this one is!

'Master Of Disaster' and 'The Hand Of Death' are the best tracks on here, but that doesn't mean the other three tracks aren't worth checking out. Especially in 'Taste My Blood', the reborn Sabina Classen goes completely crazy with her voice. She gets so into it!

The 2006 re-release contains some remasters of the fine 'Strength, Power, Will, Passion'-album, but is really worth the purchase because of the addition of 'Channeling', the Japanese bonus track for that album. And I guess that if you like Motörhead, the two Motörhead-covers can be quite interesting as well.

Most importantly, Holy Moses is back with a never ending thirst for vengeance and 'Master Of Disaster' is the proof that Sabina Classen hasn't aged a day since 'Finished With The Dogs'. You may even believe that she has gotten younger since then!